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In addition to lasers used during your procedure, we also use a full range of diagnostic equipment that is not typically used during routine eye exams you may have had in the past. From your pre-operative consultation to your post-operative check-ups, we will only use the latest technology to ensure precise diagnosis and measurements.

Our laser technology ensures your laser eye procedure is precise, with minimal discomfort and fast recovery.

Unlike some LASIK clinics equipped with only one type of laser equipment, Lasik does not utilize a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our advanced technology offers you a customizable experience that’s individualized for your unique vision conditions.

We care about your safety and comfort. That’s why we continually invest in advanced vision correction technologies, for diagnosis and treatment, to ensure you receive the best experience possible.

The LasikPlus Lifetime Advantage Plan

The Lifetime Advantage Plan provides one year of procedure-related follow-up care and, if necessary, re-treatment procedures for life.

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Insurance Coverage

We are identified as a preferred LASIK provider by leading health care plans nationwide

* Including EyeMed, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna and WellPoint. ** All company logos are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Find a Provider that Covers Laser Eye Surgery

The cost of LASIK will depend on a number of factors, including your prescription, the procedure to best correct your vision, and discounts through your health or vision insurance plan to name a few. Regardless of the package required for your vision correction needs, our prices are 20% below the national average price. The only way to obtain an exact cost is to have your free LASIK examination with us.

We offer a variety of financing options that fit almost any budget, from 0% interest or $0 down, to plans less than $100 per month. Financing is guaranteed as well.‡

Yes! Lasik offers guaranteed financing, including $0 down or 0% options, as well as extended payment options with monthly payments less than $100‡. You can be on your way to 20/20 vision with a monthly payment that works for you!

A flexible spending account (FSA) is an employer-sponsored benefit that allows you to deduct a percentage of your paycheck and use that money to pay for eligible medical expenses. This is done on a pretax basis, meaning the money is exempt from federal, state and social security taxes. It’s a nice option for employees who expect to incur medical expenses that won’t be reimbursed by regular health insurance plans.

LASIK is an increasingly common procedure, and finding a LASIK surgeon is perhaps one of the most important parts of your decision-making process. To ensure a safe and effective procedure, it is important to choose a surgeon who is well trained and highly experienced. To choose the best LASIK surgeon, you can use a number of resources including the Web research - board sites such as

(American Board of Ophthalmology),patient references, and the experiences of your friends and family.

Don’t bank entirely on the cost of LASIK

Some consumers may be enticed to visit a LASIK surgeon based solely on who advertises discounts or lower prices than other surgeons. While the price of the procedure can be a factor when choosing a LASIK surgeon, other important factors should be considered. LASIK is a serious medical procedure that must be performed by a highly skilled surgeon with exceptional training and experience. Choosing a surgeon based only on price alone is gambling with one’s vision. The decision should incorporate the cost of LASIK eye surgery and financing options together with the reputation of the practice, the technology used and the surgeon’s skill and experience.

Review and research the technology

You should pay attention to the technology used by a LASIK surgeon. As new technologies and techniques emerge, LASIK also evolves, providing patients with better results and less discomfort. A surgeon should offer customized lasers and technology for optimal results. Many of these new LASIK technologies provide highly accurate measurements and laser technology for optimum outcomes. To learn more about our customized technology, you can visit websites that specialize in providing consumers useful information about LASIK and the newest and safest laser technology such as


Ask around

One of the best ways to choose a LASIK eye surgeon is through word-of-mouth. Your friends and family who have had the procedure are often more than happy to recommend a surgeon. These sources may also provide detailed information about a doctor’s personality, the cost of LASIK eye surgery and quality of patient care that a website or advertisement may not offer.

You can also ask your ophthalmologist, optometerist, or eye care professional for a referral to a LASIK surgeon. Doctors who are familiar with their patient’s unique vision correction needs can assist in the process of finding a qualified LASIK surgeon who specializes in a variety of special vision conditions.

To learn more about a particular LASIK surgeon, you can ask the LASIK surgeon for references or ask to consult with their previous patients. References can help you learn more about how well a LASIK surgeon treats patients both medically and personally.

Surf the Web

The Web is a useful and convenient tool that allows consumers to easily research LASIK surgeons. Many doctors have websites that highlight specific details about their practices, including the technology and lasers they use and surgical fees. A LASIK surgeon’s Web page may also outline the surgeon’s education and certifications.

The Web can also be useful for verifying a surgeon’s credentials. Many official ophthalmology organizations, such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology (

) and the American Board of Ophthalmology ()have websites that allow consumers to search for officially accredited surgeons in their area.

Consumers can also visit consumer advocacy organizations’ websites. For example, the National Consumers League offers tips on choosing a physician. These groups also specialize in providing public warnings about untrained or unofficially certified LASIK surgeons to prevent medical malpractice.

While you should prepare to spend around 90 minutes at your doctor’s office for both your preop vision exam and treatment, the surgery itself takes less than 10 minutes. In fact, the laser will be used on each eye for less than a minute.

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Read what just a few of our 500,000+ happy patients have to say about Lasik.

Sunapee, NY

I could not see my son's face in the morning without searching for my glasses and I could not get out of bed without tripping over anything in my path. Almost 2 years ago I had the surgery, and I can now see everything without any help, or squinting. I will never miss a smile or cute face that my child makes!

Bennington, NY

The exam was thorough and the staff explained everything throughout the process and made me know I was in capable hands. On my treatment day, I was nervous, but the staff took great care of me, and before I knew it, the procedure was over and I was home. The staff took great care of me!

Schenectady, NY

After LASIK I see better than ever before in my life and the best part is I have no worries about contacts or glasses. I can ride my motorcycle worry free, I have no dry contacts, and no misplaced glasses. LASIK put my life in focus!

Amsterdam, NY

Enough was enough! My contacts caused conjunctivitis and my glasses hurt my ears. I am so elated with the outcome of my LASIK. Being able to see clearly without glasses or contacts, in a more natural way, has made all the difference in the world to me.

Ft. Edward, NY

After hearing from my co-workers how great their LASIK treatments turned out and having been offered LASIK at a great value, I decided to get LASIK. It was an immediate success for me. The office staffs' knowledge was comforting. A week after my treatment, I was 20/15 and very happy.

Bronx, NY

Even though I had to drive 4 hours for each visit, I would do it all over again for the outcome. To be able to see again was something I never thought would be possible.

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Connecting Corporate Marketing with Transportation Networks

Our advertising and sponsorship programs engage the traveling public and boost consumer awareness and action while also promoting public safety.

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Number of Brands Serviced

Travelers Marketing has worked with over 230 brands, from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, since itsfoundingin1998.


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Travelers Marketing holds contracts with departments of transportation, departments of motor vehicles, and toll road authorities for revenue-generating programsin33 states.


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Travelers Marketing creates innovative marketing partnerships by matching public sector assets with corporate marketing goals. We connect brands with consumers in new and compelling ways.

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Travelers Marketing

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Travelers Marketing Services
Private Sector Benefits


We create positive, distinctive, and measurable brand experiences using public sector media assets.


We calculate impressions, revenue, impact, consumer engagement, and market comps to ensure benefit for all stakeholders.


We forge public/private partnerships to advance the business objectives of both parties.


We actively manage every program, from sponsorship reports to social media listening, to meet our clients’ return on brand investment.

Non-Tax, Non-Toll Revenue

Our programs have generated over $120 million (and counting) for our public sector partners.

Turn-Key Services

We are with our public sector partners every step of the way—from the evaluation and sale of media assets to billing, collection, production, installation, and marketing maintenance.

Industry Recognition

We implement award-winning programs whose benefits are recognized by our state partners, the USDOT and Federal Highway Administration, the Roadway Safety Foundation, the National Governors Association, and many others.

Focus on Safety

Our programs advance road safety by supporting efforts to reduce incidents and distracted driving.

Program Development

We collaborate with our private sector clients to gain a deep understanding of their brand DNA. We then design our programs to meet their specific marketing objectives.

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We cross marketing disciplines and platforms, including advertising, sponsorship, promotion, and public and government relations, to create instant and continuing brand exposure and brand experiences at all levels.

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We connect client brands to consumers with high-impact marketing opportunities in top DMAs, available for local, regional, or national buys.


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Travelers Marketing programs connect our private sector clients’ products and services to consumers on the go. We leverage social and mobile media to extend a brand’s marketing reach beyond the transportation network.

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